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Autograph Capsule | Group B (Foil) | Cologne 2015

Base Grade

This item commemorates ESL One Cologne 2015 CS:GO Championship.

This capsule contains a single Foil sticker autographed by one of the players from Group B teams at ESL One Cologne 2015: Team EnVyUs, Luminosity Gaming, Team Kinguin, Flipsid3 Tactics. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this capsule support the included players and organizations. That sticker can be applied to any weapon you own and can be scraped to look more worn. You can scrape the same sticker multiple times, making it a bit more worn each time, until it is removed from the weapon.

Container Series #54

Contains one of the following:

FalleN (Foil) | Cologne 2015

steel (Foil) | Cologne 2015

fer (Foil) | Cologne 2015

boltz (Foil) | Cologne 2015

coldzera (Foil) | Cologne 2015

kennyS (Foil) | Cologne 2015

kioShiMa (Foil) | Cologne 2015

Happy (Foil) | Cologne 2015

apEX (Foil) | Cologne 2015

NBK- (Foil) | Cologne 2015

dennis (Foil) | Cologne 2015

ScreaM (Foil) | Cologne 2015

rain (Foil) | Cologne 2015

Maikelele (Foil) | Cologne 2015

fox (Foil) | Cologne 2015

markeloff (Foil) | Cologne 2015

B1ad3 (Foil) | Cologne 2015

bondik (Foil) | Cologne 2015

WorldEdit (Foil) | Cologne 2015

DavCost (Foil) | Cologne 2015

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