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Katowice 2019 Minor Challengers Autograph Capsule


This item commemorates 2019 IEM Katowice CS:GO Championship.

This capsule contains a single High Grade, Foil, or Gold sticker autographed by one of the players from Minor Challengers teams at Katowice 2019. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this capsule support the included players and organizations. That sticker can be applied to any weapon you own and can be scraped to look more worn. You can scrape the same sticker multiple times, making it a bit more worn each time, until it is removed from the weapon.

Container Series #265

Sticker can be autographed by one of the following professional players:

fitch (Bektiyar Bakhytov)

Jame (Ali Dzhami)

KrizzeN (Aidyn Turlybekov)

qikert (Alexey Golubev)

buster (Timur Tulepov)

allu (Aleksi Jalli)

Aerial (Jani Jussila)

xseveN (Sami Laasanen)

Aleksib (Aleksi Virolainen)

sergej (Jere Salo)

VINI (Vinicius Figueiredo)

ableJ (Rinaldo Moda Junior)

arT (Andrei Piovezan)

KSCERATO (Kaike Cerato)

yuurih (Yuri Boian)

sterling (Euan Moore)

dexter (Christopher Nong)

erkaSt (Erdenetsogt Gantulga)

malta (Liam Schembri)

DickStacy (Oliver Tierney)

daps (Damian Steele)

Brehze (Vincent Cayonte)

FugLy (Jacob Medina)

Ethan (Ethan Arnold)

CeRq (Tsvetelin Dimitrov)

Gratisfaction (Sean Kaiwai)

jks (Justin Savage)

AZR (Aaron Ward)

jkaem (Joakim Myrbostad)

Liazz (John Tregillgas)

DavCost (Vadim Vasilyev)

COLDYY1 (Pavlo Veklenko)

Dima (Dmitriy Bandurka)

sdy (Viktor Orudzhev)

S0tF1k (Dmitrii Forostianko)

Kaze (Khong Weng Keong)

advent (Zhuo Liang)

aumaN (Zhihong Liu)

zhokiNg (Weijie Zhong)

Freeman (Winghei Cheung)

NBK- (Nathan Schmitt)

apEX (Dan Madesclaire)

ALEX (Alex Mcmeekin)

RpK (Cédric Guipouy)

ZywOo (Mathieu Herbaut)

WorldEdit (Georgy Yaskin)

wayLander (Jan Peter Rahkonen)

Kvik (Aurimas Kvakšys)

Boombl4 (Kirill Mikhailov)

n0rb3r7 (David Danielyan)

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