Scam Prevention

How to avoid becoming a scam victim?

  1. Ignore all friend and message requests from users that claim to be interested in buying your skins listed on the marketplace. Purchasing and selling items on requires no direct interaction with other users as the process is completely automated.
  2. Keep your account information safe and secure. Avoid sharing your trade offer link with other users. Don’t share your Steam API key, Market.CSGO API key, payment password and your Steam login credentials. We strongly recommend that your payment password is set differently from your steam login password.
  3. Double-check the domain you are accessing and don’t enter your login credentials manually. One of the most common ways of a security breach is by phishing links. You are logging in to the marketplace through Steam authorization, which means that your credentials should already be filled in if you have logged on to the Steam service through your browser. Scammers may send you links to domains of a similar name to our website. By entering your Steam login credentials to such fraudulent websites, you are directly giving out your login credentials to scammers.
  4. When buying/selling through our P2P system (CSGO & Dota 2) the MarketApp/Chrome Extension will automatically create an outbound trade offer to the correct buyer. This operation is 100% risk-free and if you follow the steps, you face no risk of losing your items through scam attempts. Do not accept any counter-trade offers or incoming trade offers. For any items that you have sold, the MarketApp will create a corresponding trade offer which you only need to confirm on your Steam Guard. The seller is the one from whom the trade offer is coming from, always. If you receive a trade offer from a user requesting your items, this is a scam attempt and you should reject it and report it to our support by making a ticket on the website.
  5. As mentioned above our marketplaces for CSGO skins and Dota 2 items are P2P trading systems, which means that the website is not operating any trading bots. You purchase and sell items exclusively from and to other users. If you receive a trade offer from a user named e.g. “ Bot #245”, reject it and report it to our support